Red Bank Yacht Club


Red Bank Yacht Club
As it appear in the 1900's

The Birth Of the Red Bank Yacht Club

October 28, 1896

A New yacht club called "The Red Bank Yacht Club" has been formed. The Club has bought a float 40x60 feet, on which it will build a club house. the Float will be anchored in the river. It will  hold races every Saturday morning for the summer season.

June 2, 1897

The Red Bank Yacht Club holds it's first  race.

Original Boats Involved in Race

T.F. Byrne's Nancy
A. Murray's Jessie
Frank Paine's Yankee Girl
WS Jones's Gracie
Harry Knapp's Nereid

The winner of the race was Harry Knapp's Nereid.  The prize was a pennant

June 23, 1897

The new Red Bank yacht club will hold it's first regatta on Monday July 5th. The race will be over the club's new course.  The regatta will be open to all cat-rigged boats and there will be two twenty feet long and over and .... boats under twenty feet.  No entry fee will be charged.

August 28, 1929

The Gold Cup Regatta Held At The Red Bank Yacht Club

Thousands of people flocked to the Red Bank river shores to see Red Bank's Biggest River Event

Winner Of Gold Cup Regatta

Richard's Hoyt's IMP

The Gold Cup Regatta returned to Red Bank in many subsequent years.  Among the best known know competitors was Guy Lombardo.

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